Monday, February 13, 2006

Step one

Whoa! First step! As reported earlier, Pete has been standing up pretty solidly, and sometimes he has appeared to think about walking. This evening, we set him down in front of us to practice standing, as we have many times, and boom! That little right foot popped forward and set itself down again. He fell on his little bum almost immediately, of course. Then he did the same thing two more times. Waddya know--I guess that's the last of the big firsts, isn't it?

Oh, and Pete's vocabulary has now expanded to four words, with "uh-oh!" (after he drops something, usually on purpose) joining hi, ba[ll], and mama.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Pete now says "ba" for "ball"--and also "mama." The usage is imperfect in both cases, but he gets them right often enough that I'm willing to say he has a three-word vocabulary of varying reliability. He's also getting really close to taking that first step.