Sunday, December 26, 2004

Do you have NEWS?

We have a bassinet now. (That's a thing babies sleep in for the first three months or so if you want them in the main bedroom but not in the main bed.) Giddy loves it. This could be interesting.

I've heard that expectant parents reach a point where people start calling to see whether the baby has come yet. We're not there yet, thank goodness, but we have reached the point where almost everyone I call immediately says, "Do you have NEWS?" We had a great Christmas with Carolyn's sister and parents. I am endlessly grateful that I have such cool in-laws, and that they have welcomed me so generously into their family. Baby was kicking madly during the opening of presents. I suspect baby was intrigued by all the talking and laughing.

On the downside, the impending baby means that we can't do our usual eastern driving marathon this year, so I won't see my own family this holiday season--that's a first. It's been good to talk to them on the phone, however, and especially good to have a few conversations with my brother, the very happy new dad.

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