Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It's a world of babies!

After some telecommuting, Carolyn is back working in Iowa City today. A tough transition.

But there are two reasons to be happy: 1. our carseat can be used without a base--who knew?--so we don't have to get one in a rental car this weekend, and 2. turns out hotels provide cribs on request, so we don't have to take our travel crib. I tell you, there's a whole world of baby stuff that's been going on right under my nose while I had no idea. Oddly, I have become most aware of that fact at Coral Ridge Mall. The first time I wheeled Pete in there, I realized that there are hundreds of strollers in that place at any given time. Hey, wha' happened? I had never noticed. And there's a family restroom for toddlers. And a little room just for breastfeeding. The breastfeeding room is always about 20 degrees too hot, however. I think the Sbarro workers use it as a sauna betwixt their shifts.

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