Monday, September 19, 2005


Pete has been an utter joy for three and a half days--he got over the worst of his fever thing quickly, and he's been happy, sociable, and sleeping well. Then I dropped him off at day care twenty minutes ago, and he was instantly despondent. Pete will be eight months old tomorrow; perhaps he has arrived a day early at the time of this paragraph's relevance:

"Between 8 months old 1 year old, your child is growing into a more independent toddler - yet he or she is even more uncertain about being separated from you. This is when separation anxiety typically develops, and your child may become agitated and upset whenever you try to leave him or her. Whether you need to go into the next room for just a few seconds, leave your child with a sitter for the evening, or drop off your child at day care, you may find that your child cries, clings to you, and resists attention from others."

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