Friday, June 17, 2005

Unruly Subjects

In a recent study on how babies walk (described here), "the data for 11 infants had to be scrapped because they refused to hold still to have their bodies measured." --CJ


Anonymous said...

Carolyn, your descriptions of Pete are so charming and delightful. I want to see more pictures of this handsome lad. I actually want to *meet* this handsome lad, but since i am leaving Iowa City on June 24th, I doubt i will get to. :( At least I can see him on the internet. He's handsome. Love to you guys.

Pete "the sweet" Potato said...

Found your comment while heading to my own blog. My name is Pete the Sweet Potato you see. The family that I reside with has a 5 month old daughter born January 18, 2005. I guess she is the same age as your son. Nice little spud she seems. Anyway, cute kid. I'll be reading.